Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Stressed? Bored? Do your nails, it's free therapy & cheaper than drinking.

Turquoise Forrest

Pink Mine

Minty Winter

Good Girl

 Mis Quince

Disco Zebra

Candy Kreep

Negra Linda


Teen Spirit

Slut Red

 Orange Crush

First Date 



 Rainbow (still working on this one)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Casi un año

Dear Don,

It’s been almost a year since you’ve been gone. I miss you and think about you everyday. There have been some changes in my life and selfishly; I wish you had been here to take me out for one of your talks on life & a shot (or three).

You were already sick this time last year. I didn’t know how sick. I would have visited you everyday. I am so sorry I didn’t. I would have told you how much of an impact you made on me.

You taught me so much. Since the day I met you, you demonstrated genuine care, respect and attentiveness to a person as an individual. You earned my respect and loyalty through your actions in life.

I can’t change what I didn’t do or say, last year but I can control what I do today. I know the kind of person I want to be. The kind of friend I want to be. I know what matters to me in my life and try each day to properly cherish, cultivate and spread it with those that matter to me. You taught me that. You taught me to appreciate the here and now. Your words helped me grow.

Thank you for the advice, the water bottles, the rides, the hook-up, the check-in texts.. Thank you for being my friend, I miss you.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This Dog:

Can also be a Pig.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I went to the beach yesterday..

Fly Pe-Li-Can!

Does anyone else think about Scarface when they see a Pelican, or am I the only one? Hahahaha, my mind always goes to that scene.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Splendor at Outside Lands

Welcome to Outside Lands!

The weekend was not only full of music, but there was a good mix of the food trucks with nary a variety on price. Everything, foodwise, at the festival ranged from $5-15 dollars with the decent items started at about $10-15 dollars. I wanted to choose wisely and opted for what was expensive, but solid.

Pizza Time.

A pizza= sauce + dough. Out of the many pizza choices, the tastier choice was Del Popolo. The food truck offered a generous personal pizza on a plate. It was $10 for a Margherita and $13 for All Meat Margherita. It could have been the 1/2 hour I waited for it to be ready, by the time my pizza was ready, I was starving and I didn't take a picture of the actual food.sorry. It was soft enough to rip apart with two hands yet crispy enough to have a crunch in the crust.

Food Porn*

The chicken & waffles from above were the makings of Farmer Brown's Little Skillet. I was hungry and didn't want to get gyped by trying something cheap & unsatisfying so I got their offering of $15 for, "The Works." This included: fried chicken, a sugar-dusted waffle, mac n' cheese + jalapeño corn bread. I could have done without the corn bread and opted for a larger serving of *HOTTER* mac & cheese. The hot sauce & syrup were the finishing touches to enjoy the meal and the fried chicken was especially good.

Outside Lands Mudpie (a chocolately death).

A cool part of Outside Lands' setup were special sections of the festival consisting of Beerlands, Winelands, Outside Lambs, The Mission and, my favorite, Chocolands! The above was from Kara's Cupcakes. The $4 cupcake was moist & appropriate named, "Outside Lands Mudpie." I wish I had been able to get some milk but I didn't have time to search out for it and I ran to catch the next show.

Next year I will probably not be able to survive 3 days worth of live music and rich foods but I am glad I got to experience the festival this year..

Inside the Heineken dome.